• Spam Filtering (pre-defined and user-defined)
  • Full HTML support
  • Full MIME type support, including embedded files in HTML
  • IMAP and POP3 support
  • Local folders that can be common between mail accounts
  • Drag and drop messages between folders
  • Multiple mail account support
  • Address book
  • Email groups
  • Full attachment support
  • Ability to set a wealth of options on an account-by-account basis
  • LDAP support
  • Spell checker with customisable word list
  • Customisable user interface
  • New message checking with flashing icon alert on system tray
  • Special notification when email arrives from designated senders
  • Ability to save drafts and sent mail in easy-to-use tables
  • Trash folder support
  • Full logging to log and error files
  • Fast and reliable


Mousetrap is released under the Gnu General Public License. It is free and the source code is available for download.

The Story Behind Mousetrap

Mousetrap was created for two reasons. Firstly, a friend of mine wanted to hear a notification sound every time a mail was received from a specific sender. She receives editing job emails which she has 20 minutes to accept, or else they will be passed on to someone else. I wanted to create a system that would mean she didn't have to sit in front of the computer waiting for those particular emails, and which would also save her from rushing to the computer when she heard an email come in, only to find it's from someone else altogether.

The second reason I created Mousetrap was to combat spam. Where I work, spam is a real problem. Some people get hundreds of spam messages per day. It seemed that Netscape and Outlook just didn't give me the control I wanted to specify which emails were spam. I wanted to create something that allowed you to filter those spams containing subject lines with slightly misspelled words or with character combinations at the end of the subject line, such as "control your weight now! gfh ksdfs."

The program was originally meant to be just a filter and notification program that worked with existing mail clients. However, as I built the program, more and more features kept getting added; eventually, Mousetrap became a full-blown mail client.

I appreciate there are some improvements that can be made. For example, it would be nice to build in a visual HTML construction tool so that you could just create the look of the HTML you wanted without having to resort to coding. Right now I recommend building HTML outside Mousetrap and pasting it in afterwards, if it is not very simple code. In addition, I know that the Email Group profiles in the Compose Window Contacts tab are a little unintuitive. You can get used to them, but I firmly believe you shouldn't have to "get used to" something - it should be intuitive right from the start.

Anyway, feel free to feed comments back to me here.



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