Ready-To-Use Mousetrap

To get the latest release of Mousetrap, you need to install the latest Java Runtime Environment from here. After that, you can download the latest Mousetrap release from here and follow the instructions in the README.txt file. If you install a version of java other than 1.4.2 you will have to change the path to the executable javaw.exe in the shortcut file called "Mousetrap" in the Mousetrap base directory to reflect where your "javaw.exe" file was installed (you may be able to simply specify javaw.exe without the path). Because of the way Mousetrap integrates with Windows, you will need to use a javaw.exe file from a Java Runtime Environment, and not one from a Java Developer Kit.

Source Code

The source code can also be obtained from here. Before building the source, you will need to install the Java Development Kit installed (at least version 1.4.2); it can be found here. The code contains a build script that can be used to build the classes for Mousetrap.

User Guide PDF

To get a copy of the User Guide in PDF you need to get a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from here. You can then access the Mousetrap User Guide here.


You can get the Javadocs for Mousetrap here.

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